The People Who Made This Quirky Story Possible

All of the people on this page are friends and family that I appreciate so much. I sent each of them a vauge text message about the site I was creating and an even more random line of the story to build off of. They were all great sports and came up with an entertaining story for all of us to enjoy.
Ashley Daniel
She is best wing man a girl coould have. She is also probably the coolest person on this page. Sorry guys, she is, we all know it.
Jeremy Mlodik
He really wants to raise melons and bees. He is an awesome illustrator and great leg dancer. Just ask to see it.
Megan Cook
She shares my weird love for dogs. She's climbed real mountains. We took a kick boxing class and both really enjoyed hitting each other.
Mary Scannell
I know I can always count on Mary for some level headed advice and an even better sarasic comment. She runs marathons and is funny while she does it.
Shawn Fenton
He helped me build a bicycle when he had broken his collar bone the night before. He is always equiped to survice a zombie apocalypse.
Lindy Helms
Her laugh is contagious. We share a love for cheese. Don't be fooled by her pretty face. You want her on your side in a fight.
Jessica Price
I played travel softball until I was 18, I'm a switch hitter. I have a huge collection of barbies. I have a bunch of tattoos. I love to cook.
Antoinette Rodriguez Gerring
She also runs marathons and goes to yoga retreats in Mexico. She makes every gathering more fun even if she has to be the DD. Takes great photos.
Cody Tilson
He's been with the same woman since he was 17, they're married now. Has a dog named Sweaters. Worked at Playboy. Amazing illustrator.
Kevin Brennan
I've known him since I was 13. He does beautiful woodworking. We once got into a real sissy slapping fight at an airport in Portland.
He really deveoloped this whole website. Don't tell anyone he's a genious. He also is great at cuddling and loves to sit on chairs.
Trevor Gerring
He will help you walk in heels in the snow or if you've had too much to drink. Great designer and photographer.
Matthew McGarry
Recorded his own one man band album. Wants to pursue a carrer in Wayfinding. Is always in a good mood.
Amanda Trew
Makes great birthday cakes. Has a dog that gives her hugs. Recently had an instagram photo featured on Jimmy Kimmel.
Jess Preleski
She is my kindred spirit. We make candles and crafts together once a month. Convinced me to steal a doorknob once.
Javier Oterio
One of the most generous people I know. Has dance moves like a spanish angel. Great developer.
Kristina Saylor
She is a master cake decorator and baker. Shares my love for pitbulls. Rides motorcycles with all the dudes.
Brandon Robins
He runs marathons too. What's with all these people? Was a music major in college.
Kristin Wimp
Let me live in her apt after meeting me in class for a day. Made me breakfast everday when we were roommates.
Jeremy Schockley
Best tour guide of LA, has mini chickens. In college he had hair that flowed like fabio.
Julie Helms
Weaves her own yarn on a spindle in her spare time, shares my love for horror movies.
Sarah Kell
She hates bananas that are slightly too ripe. One of the sweetest people I know. Has poor vision but you will never see her with glasses.
Hayley O'Hara
She used to wear JNCO's. Amazing interior designer. Makes her own jewelry.
JT Helms
My bestfriend. Boyfriend. Former Boss. Once modeled for Burberry. Loves the Renaissance Faire. Talented designer. Has a strong appreciation for swiffer products. Grew up on a farm.
Shea Blair
Played softball with her for years. Runs like a gazelle. Has a strange love for Harry Potter. One of the most positive people I know.
Matt Cowen
Can pronounce any word backwards. One of the best thinkers I know. Bought his parent's house, which he's currently raising his family in.
Harrison Croft
Plays a mean banjo. Great cook. He should be moving to Chicago with Lindy any day now??? :]
Jessica Nebel
Met her when I was 2, she's like a sister to me. We lived next door to each other. Great hair stylist. We got lost in Disney World when we were kids.
Andy Atteberry
Takes coffee more serious than anyone I know. Has lots of bikes. Is always willing to help me with coding questions.
Scott Price
My dad one of the neatest people I know. Collects guitars. Has scuba dived with sharks.
Adam Siegel
Wants to live on a farm. Won a heated Trivial Pursuit game by knowing the note most commonly shared by car horns in the US.
Diana Price
My mom and the most compassionate person I know. Makes the best carrot cake. Accidentally punched a guy in the face seeing 'Jaws' in the theater.
Stuart Arndts
Civil War reenactments as a high school job. I think he is actually 100s of years old. Awesome cook.
Brad Nebel
He shares the same birthday with one of his brothers and wife. He has a thorough enjoyment for celebrity news.
Joe Helms
He won the state trophy for best barbecue chicken recipe in NC one year when he was a kid.
Rhett Johnson
I met him in 6th grade when he was duct taping himself to a chair. Makes some of the most fun art I've seen.
Ben Roesch
Does crossfit. Stands behind his love for country music. Never stops working.
Kyle Kartz
He makes great popcorn on the stove. He's my go to date when JT is out of town.
Cara Pittman
Lived in Africa and Austrailia. Always the life of any party she walks into.
Josh Helms
He stabbed himself in the leg with a samurai sword. He has an unhealthy love for pugs. He is always on time for everthing.